Echo Films Digital Production & Post-production Services

Echo Films, a full service production and post-production company, now offers production services utilizing the latest full high-definition video equipment.  From scrip-to-screen, our workflow is digital, allowing us to produce media ranging from broadcast productions, media for portable devices, to Internet programming that all meet current digital video industry high-definition standards.

We are proud to announce our new mobile digital production/editing suite.  The digital production/editing suite includes an on-location production suite capable of full HD video acquisition.  The suite also includes a full HD edit package that includes an editor ready to handle everything form a simple off-line job, to an involved on-line session.  The edit suite is complete with motion graphics design software, and even a music library included for a little added touch of audio sweetening for your production.  Along with an Internet connection, the digital suite is able to upload video media “as it happens”, great for event documentation.

Production Equipment:

Sony XDCAM file-based full-HD camera

Grip and lightning package

Audio package

Post-production Equipment:

Mac-based editing suite complete with external high-speed disk array capable of 4:2:2 1080p 10 bit video editing.

Complete suite of graphics design software including: Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, motion control, and rotoscoping.

Blu-ray and DVD disk authoring.

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